The Bendigo Dragons

Dragons are traditionally used in China to celebrate special occasions eg. New years, Emperors’ birthdays, Cultural festivals etc.

The Chinese arrived in Bendigo during the goldrush of the 1850s and established communities in the region. In 1871 the Chinese community joined the Bendigo Easter Procession to assist in fundraising for charity. In 1892 a local newspaper reported the first appearance of a dragon in the Bendigo Easter Procession.

In 1990 the Golden Dragon Museum was built to preserve and display the collection of dragons and their colourful history in Bendigo. The Museum now houses 8 dragons.

| Sun Loong | Loong | Yar Loong | Gansu Loong | Ming and Ping Loong | Xiao Le Loong | Choi Loong |

Sun Loong

Sun Loong [New Dragon]

Sun Loong is the longest Imperial Dragon in the world.

The Bendigo Chinese Association is the custodian of Sun Loong.

Length: 100m approx.

Built: In Hong Kong, by Mr. Lo On Kee in 1969.

First Appearance: 1970, Bendigo Easter Procession.


Loong [Dragon]

Loong is the oldest surviving Imperial Dragon in the world and was listed in 2008 with the Victorian Heritage Council.

Length: 60m approx.

Built: Fatt Shan, China.

First Appearance: 1892

Retired: 1970, Bendigo Easter Procession.

Yar Loong

Yar Loong [Night Dragon]

Yar Loong is made from delicate silks and carries its own illumination.

Yar Loong was restored in 1996.

And after full retoration in 2011 by the Kangaroo Flat Y's Mens Club is currently on display next to Sun Loong

First Appearance: 1939


Gansu Loong [Dragon from Gansu]

Gansu Loong was donated by the Gansu province of China.

Built: Gansu Province, China, 1992.

First Appearance: 1992, Easter Torchlight Procession.

Ming and Ping

Ming & Ping Loong [Brightness and Peace Dragons]

Ming (yellow beard) is the male partner of Bendigo's first lady dragon, Ping (green beard).

Built: Beijing, China

Length: Both are 18m

First Appearance: 2001, Bendigo Easter Procession

Xiao Le

Xiao Le Loong [Little Happy Dragon]

Xiao Le Loong is the baby of Ming and Ping Loong, and is the smallest of the Bendigo Chinese Association dragons.

Built: Beijing, China, 2001

First Appearance: 2002, Bendigo Easter Procession.


Choi Loong [Competitive, Prosperous, Colourful and Lucky Dragon]

The newest addition to Bendigo’s dragon family. Choi Loong is androgynous, so unlike the other dragons, it can be carried by Men and Woman together. Choi Loong is also a night dragon and glows under Black Light.

Built: Fatt Shan, China, 2006.

First Appearance: 2007.

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